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I thank God for this opportunity to update my profile, a great change happened in my life after realising i wasn't going anywhere and it seems I became a target for negativity, facebook one of the great social media i used made me realised i was blind sighted, i didn't understand a lot of things, well how things are meant to happen in this system I live in which is the united kingdom, hence it has upset my stability and being able to consistently learn improve and stablelize my financial life , I have had so many problems without realising where they are coming from, and how i have been perceived as an individual, I just never got it. Thankfully God healed my reasoning and that reasoning gave me the opportunity as i am typing to study more, otherwise everything i have been doing in the last 22 years has been a repeat, i have been seen or misrepresented and the assumption is that I have an issue which is complex. I feel hated, humiliated, isolated, stagnant and my confidence is really low, that anyone , anyone at all i spoke to, no matter how eloquent i sounded will still see me as stupid, where do you go from there, when you are absolutely sure you are able to do certain things but you are always doubted or ignored. knowing God and his grace opened my eyes even more and things started to become clearer and I have now become very sensitive to what I do on-line, what I read, what I share and what I ignore, its ruined my family life practically, because financially it has disabled the ability to be responsible for my children and they've grown up so quickly and the influence of the negative society has taken its toll. I pray that this little introduction can help or inspire somebody who might stumble upon this because this is just the beginning and intend to write a book about how God can transform the untransformed.

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califrownia: ♡♡♡ Justin cool as.

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Could Grey and purple be a theme?

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hiphopraised:   Makaveli.

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JB baby

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